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10 Promises You Should Make to Yourself in 2017

A wise man once said that we see the world as we are. And if we want the world to get better and our lives to become happier, all we have to do is change ourselves.

We can change the world by changing ourselves. And if we can commit to becoming a better version of ourselves, miracles will happen and the world will change before our eyes.

Since 2017 is already here and many of us started setting new year’s resolutions, I thought it would be nice to simplify things a little with this short list of 10 promises we should all make in 2017.

Enjoy 🙂


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10 Promises You Should Make to Yourself in 2017

1. To trust your inner voice and guidance more than you trust the loud voice of others.

2. To free yourself of all your fears by surrendering all your cares to God.

3. To be kind and gentle with yourself, so that you can be kind and gentle with the whole world.

4. To ask your soul to lead you, not on the path you think you should go but on the path, you’re meant to go.

5. To free your heart of all the darkness and allow love to lead the way.

6. To look within for your real worth and value and to no longer seek for it elsewhere.

7. To give everyone permission to live as they best know how without trying to control, judge or ‘fix’ them. 

8. To allow your light to shine and to no longer hide, from the whole world.

9. To live a heart-centered life and all that you do to be done in Truth.

10. To trust that Life loves you truly and that it will help you to succeed.

What is the number one promise you want to make to yourself in 2017? You can share your comment in the comment section below.

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