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6 Tips to Immediately Brighten Your Day

Visual Therapy

If your imagination is not as strong as the negative vibes you’re trying to shoo away, then it would be good for you to get out of the office and walk around the neighborhood for a while.

Looking at a different environment could help you calm down.

If there’s a pet store nearby, go look at puppies through the window. Studies have shown that looking at cute and cuddly animals helps bring stress down and helps you focus more right after.

Listen to Music or Sing


Brighten Your Day

Yes, even if you aren’t particularly proud of your pipes, singing a happy tune could really perk you up!

In the old days, people used to carry Walkman or cd players, but thanks to technology, our mobile phones could easily carry our favorite playlists and send us into our own little musical.

There’s something about music that just really lets us release tension in our bodies.

The right music will help us transcend emotions and purge us of negative vibes. Keep a pair of earphones in your pocket or your bag!

Draw Boundaries

Looking like your annoying office mate took an extra dose of obnoxious today? Work on a different desk or the conference room just for now.

Your mom nagging you about your flu vaccine? Block her calls for the day.

Your partner being less than sympathetic to your needs? Use your ME-time card.

You deal with difficult people sometimes. But it doesn’t have to be today.

Allow yourself to breathe and get away from them once in a while.

1:2 Ratio

Every time you think of a negative thing, think of 2 positive ones right after.

The bad stuff can sometimes be easier to believe, especially if it’s about ourselves.

You need to reach a certain level of security in yourself to be able to shrug off most negative thoughts about yourself.

For example, you think “I look ugly today”, follow it up with “But I think this outfit would make me look and feel better.


Games are not just for kids! Games can help you de-stress and at the very least, get your mind off things immediately. Not to overthink it too much, playing games is fun!

Download at least one app in your mobile or tablet that you can lose your mind to.

Mindless gaming is therapeutic because it lets your brain switch off from thinking mode to instinct.


Breathing is not just letting air in and letting it out. There are breathing techniques that really cleanse you physically and spiritually.

Yoga can help teach you the practices of correct breathing.

Instructors are also going to explain to you what goes on inside your system when you take in oxygen and how to correctly exhale and position yourself and all that.

Enroll yourself in a few classes just until you get the hang of it and you can practice it on your own later on.

This will come in handy when you’re at the office and you feel yourself losing grip on situations.

One of these is bound to work on you no matter how stressful or negative your day is turning out. All you need is to find which one works best for you.

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