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Dive deeper into meditation

Many studies show how meditation evaporates stress, keeps you calm, boosts your mental clarity, creativity, and intuition. But new studies now reveal that meditation actually changes your DNA! (in a super, beneficial way).
Meditation is a powerful prescription for the mind & body . . .

According to a report published by Harvard Medical School, 6.3 million Americans were practicing mind-body therapies at the advice of their doctors. This may seem like a high number, but a doctor prescribing someone meditation instead of medication is far from the norm in Western medicine.

We created a powerful opportunity for you to experience a unique union of ancient wisdom & modern science . . . our guided meditations are different from anything else you may have tried in the past.
These high-quality, guided meditations (MP3s) by Puja Shah make meditation enjoyable & transformational.
You can play them online or download them to your computer, smartphone, or other media device for a little quiet “me time” at home . . . or for a quick break / meditation session at work.


This Uncommonly Immersive Guided Meditation Audio Will Awaken Your Six Senses To Higher Sensations You’ve Only Ever Felt In Flashes.

Experience a curious blend of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge brainwave entrainment science in this FREE Deep Dive Guided Meditation audio. Just press play. 

Here’s how the following guided meditation audio works:

  1. First, you’re exposed to a blend of ancient Vipassana, Vedic and Yogic mindfulness philosophy to evoke blissfully immersive imagery for deeper states of relaxation and spiritual connection (the secret is in the careful choice of words, flow and scenarios you’re taken through).
  2. Then, you’re given advanced breathing techniques taken from the purest Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga principles to create a rhythm of deepening that fills you with joy and relaxation, no matter what baggage you bring to your session.
  3. Finally, your experience is enhanced with space-age binaural beats technology that synchronizes with your brainwaves, dramatically reduces mind chatter, and guides you smoothly into a deeper state – even if you’ve never meditated or can’t meditate consistently.

Instructions for using your Deep Dive Guided Meditation Audio:

  • Set aside 15 minutes of personal time – this moment is for you and just YOU.
  • Find a quiet place with no distractions that you can sit comfortably in.
  • Relax, take a deep breath, press play on the audio below, and follow the simple instructions.

Caution: this Deep Dive Guided Meditation Audio will take you into a deeper state of mind.
Do NOT use it while driving or operating heavy machinery.

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