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Meditation:Mindfulness of Breath


Those who are not accustomed to meditation often feel it is something foreign, unusual, or unnatural – an exotic experience to be achieved, or that it is just another facet of Eastern psychology to be researched, studied, and explored. Meditation, however, is not something foreign, separate, or external. Meditation is the natural state of mind.
Meditation begins when we allow our bodies and minds to relax deeply and fully… which we do by experiencing the feeling that comes from simply letting go, without even having told ourselves to do so. When we let everything be just as it is and listen to the silence within our minds – this becomes our meditation. When we simply remain silent within the moment – without grasping for security, without trying to figure out our problems – all that remains is awareness…

Beginning Practice: Mindfulness of Breath

Body and breath are the foundation of our being, the basis for relaxation and meditation.

Observe the flow of the breath. The breath is entering and leaving the body. Eventually it will find its own natural rhythm just by being still. Don’t evaluate or report: just notice.

Notice if the breath is shallow or deep, how deeply it moves into the chest, and the way the diaphragm is moving to accommodate the flow of air.

When energy flows smoothly through the body, through the vital organs and chakas, you feel energized and alert; the mind is clear, nerves are poised for transmitting signals, and muscles are ready for movement. The mind also responds and becomes more tranquil and cooperative. As thoughts become less impulsive and demanding, you can sustain focus and concentration and direct your energy in a more open, relaxed

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