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My Five Best Lessons for Loving Yourself

It’s hard to imagine more powerful words than these: “you are so amazing, you are so gifted!” How would it feel to hold these thoughts? If you fully accepted these empowering messages about yourself, the sky would be the limit on what you could accomplish!

It is very important to fully love and accept yourself. In my life, learning the lesson of self-love was the key to actualizing my life purpose.

In my working life many times, I blamed myself for the misfortune. My own problems started to worsen. But  I realized I had to not only forgive myself, but to actually begin liking myself. I started the practice of saying positive affirmations, which helped me more fully love, accept, and forgive myself, and put me on the path of discovering my true life purpose.

Positive affirmations can become a powerful form of prayer for you. Affirmations work because your beliefs and ideas about yourself create your reality. Negative beliefs, guilt, and shame are a likely culprit at the root of your physical and emotional problems. By thinking of yourself in positive terms rather than negative ones, by changing your thoughts, you can change your life for the better. The belief that you have been forgiven for your past mistakes is critical. Being happy and healthy is your birthright.

As I learned to love and forgive myself and began to follow my path to the light, a world of healing opened before me. I learned to heal myself, and I discovered my work as spiritual being. The message of self-love became a beacon on my road to fulfillment, joy, and service to the world.

Here are the five best lessons I learned about loving and accepting myself and how I use those lessons today in my work:

1. It all starts with forgiveness
The grief of my difficult childhood and my self-destructive patterns as a young adult could only be healed when I began to forgive myself and, later, others. Forgiveness is the cornerstone of any effort to rebuild, recover, and renew your journey to the light. In working with students today, I first encourage them to discover and dispel any buried guilt, grief, self-blame, and self-doubt that is blocking healing energy from entering their lives. Keep in mind it is absolutely not necessary to remember what has caused the shame; chances are, the memories are repressed. It’s only necessary to want to be cleared of the shame to be in the light. Start with the affirmation that “I have been forgiven.”

2. Believe that you have the right stuff
From the early days of space travel comes the expression “the right stuff.” Start a practice of affirming daily that you have the right stuff; be specific about what that stuff is and it will start to materialize

3. Being grateful brings more blessings
Having an attitude of gratitude in every area of life brings more to be grateful for. All the positive thoughts and emotions that enable you to serve others with love stem from a sense of reverence and thankfulness. Seeing each day as filled with opportunity and promise helps you grow closer to the open-hearted, open-minded, and loving spirit you were born to be. Feeling gratitude even for those experiences that are difficult and painful is an act of faith. I came to realize that my early life challenges prepared me for the depth of understanding and connection that guides my healing work today.

4. Love makes the universe go ’round
The energy that holds the universe together is unconditional love. Extend that love to yourself, with affirmations like “I really like myself just the way I am!” And pretty soon, you’ll be able to extend that love to others as well.

5. Let your laughter ring
I love to laugh and am always looking for opportunities to do so. Laughter is healing and reflects a confident belief that all is well. As a beloved child of the Divine, you are here to be a joyful explorer of life. When you laugh, you are reducing pain and stress, building immunity, and lighting up the world for yourself and others. Being a role model for joy is a powerful teaching tool. Your faith in the power of healing love shines forth when you send a ripple of joy out into the world.

Turn the light of love toward the precious life that is in your keeping. Begin or revitalize your own affirmation practice of loving and forgiving yourself. Do the healing inner work that will set you free to love and serve others. You are wonderful and you are worthy—and the world is waiting for your healing joy to come forth!

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