Saturday, February 16, 2019 | 11:27 am

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10 Things Worth Remembering During Difficult Times

We all go through difficult times. We all experience pain, loss, fear, darkness, and sorrow. And even though the tendency is to run away and escape from all these unwanted feelings, we can’t. Difficult times are part of life. And today I will share with you 10 things worth remembering …

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Positive Affirmations

You are enough. Now it’s time to believe it. Discover how easy it is to turn your life from a constant state of struggle and loneliness into a state of self-approval and self-acceptance. Do you feel jealous of happy people or feel small around them? Do you have feelings of …

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Guided Meditation for Loneliness

Guided Meditation for Loneliness  Purpose Fairy We are complex beings who wake up every day and fight against being labeled and diminished with stereotypes and characterizations that don’t reflect our fullness. Yet when we don’t risk standing on our own and speaking out, when the options laid before us force …

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