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Raise Your Vibration to Attract What You Want

“The best makeup is a smile. The best jewelry is simplicity. The best clothing is confidence.”

Raising your vibration helps build momentum to move you forward towards the life you desire.

Note that raising your vibration isn’t just about having an attitude of gratitude and positive thoughts. Affirmations and visualizations are great manifesting techniques as well but we can take it a step further.

Rather than simply visualizing your goals, actually feel and live as if you already achieved the goals so you vibrate with the same frequency of having those achievements.

When you vibrate at the frequency of already having those achievements and it would be easier for you to attract what you desire with the support of universal energy.

According to the law of attraction, we are able to attract what we want in life by holding space for that thought. By doing so, we allow the universe to deliver our goals to us. By holding positive energy, we attract positive results.

The law of attraction works with universal life force, Reiki. You don’t necessarily have to be a Reiki Master to harness the power of Reiki to deliver your goals.

One effective manifesting technique is to write down your goal on a piece of paper. A goal should be set in the positive. Be specific and include all the facts, dates, names, and so forth.

Carry that piece of paper in your purse, wallet or bathroom mirror so you can reflect on it throughout the day to keep your focus and therefore your energy, on that goal. This will help boost your vibrations to match the frequency of having already reached those goals.

Raise Your Vibration to Attract What You Want

A Reiki practitioner can also channel universal energy to empower your goals so you can start seeing and feeling results sooner.

At one point in my life when I was miserable at my 9-5, I remember writing and rewriting my career goals. I made lists of what I wanted in my ideal work life.

I would edit and rewrite the lists and put it on sticky notes so it was the first thing I saw on my planner. As I got clearer on these specific work qualities, I became more focused, inspired, and determined.

By paying close attention to what I was seeking to attract into my life, I incorporated small shifts into my daily routine to feel and live as if I had already achieved my dream work life. By doing so, I was actually channeling energy to manifest my career breakthrough at a faster rate.

When I hit my breaking point, I knew was ready to take that leap of faith from my 9-5, even without a Plan B. I was already vibrating at the frequency of the next chapter in my life.

Specifically, I had already surrounded myself with the right people to help me manifest Plan B in a matter of days.

Even if you aren’t stuck in a job you want to leave, there are a number of ways to boost your vibrations throughout the day. Doesn’t have to be something big. Start with smaller steps like singing a favorite song or wearing your favorite color. From there, work your way up!

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