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Soham (सो ऽहम् so ‘ham) is a Hindu mantra, meaning “I am He/That” in Sanskrit.
In Vedic philosophy it means identifying oneself with the universe or ultimate reality.

The word “soham” (pronounced so-hum) is a composite of two separate sounds – “so” and “ham”. The corresponding Sanskrit words are “sah” (meaning ‘that’)  and “aham” (meaning ‘I’). When we join these two words together using the rules of Sanskrit grammar, we get the word “soham”. The literal meaning of the word soham is “I am that”. This is based on a concept which has been stated in some of the Upanishadic texts. ‘I’ here refers to the individual soul and ‘that’ refers to the universal consciousness. The essential meaning of the phrase is that at the deepest level, I am the same as the universal consciousness.

With this philosophy in mind we designed SOHUM-LOA

Simple Original Harmonious Unique Magical Law of Attraction

Eastern Philosophy says that human beings have forgotten what they came here for.  With all stimulation outside of ourselves, we have lost sight of the Beloved, our creator and have lost ourselves as a result.

I truly believe that we have the answers within us, but it takes incredible disciple and hard work to gain back those abandoned gifts we were given as a birthright.  Many of us have lost the ability to feel things, and look to others for clarification and purpose when the answers are deep inside of ourselves.  We are each a part of divine maker and creation itself, and when we accept that divine connection, we have begun upon the path of enlightenment.

Vedic knowledge & LOA, Meditation, Yoga allows us to experience the connection. Through the yoking of our bodies, mind, and hearts to a higher power of existence, we awake the Shakti, or spiritual energy hidden within, and our highest capabilities are revealed. With this realization comes a confidence, which cannot be destroyed. This is Self-realization. Once that connection is established, the source is accessible at any time to find the answer that we may be searching for. Through practicing LOA, you will become more conscious of your behavior in the world, and how the behavior of things outside of yourself can affect you.

You learn that you can go out into the world and affect others in a number of positive ways. We are each born with unlimited potential and a deeper inner knowledge of what is right and what is true, but life is without meaning if we did not have to work a little towards this self-discovery.

We are our own God-given tools to attain this knowledge and freedom that will come when it is realized fully, so we must strengthen and sharpen our tools, in preparation for this divine union.

This can only be achieved through practice, and LOA is essentially the practice of refining ourselves holistically and specifically for this deeply spiritual purpose. LOA is the practice of disciplining the mind, body, and spirit to optimum capacity. It is the practice of mindfulness, compassion, grace, and love through all actions.

If you are seeking enlightenment and bliss,wealth for yourself and to share with others, I invite you to explore the magnitude of this philosophy so that you can come to learn, along with me, how to better our lives with its many teachings.

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