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Stress Buster – 5 Fast Ways!

Hope you’re doing well!
I’m sure you would have known by now that there is a silent killer lurking around our societies today.
This silent killer have created havoc in our immune systems, our metabolism and cause many first world diseases. It also causes pre-mature aging, weight gain and hair loss under some severe cases.
If you don’t already know what I’m talking about, I’m referring to STRESS.
The constant rapid pace of life, having to make ends meet, providing for your loved ones around you inevitably place a lot of burden on your shoulders. Such long term pressure may cause even more complex issues like hypertension and diabetes.
So today, I would like to share with you the top 5 ways to combat stress, which is fuss free and easy.
Here goes:
1. Sleep
This is such a no-brainer and I’ve been emphasizing this a lot. If you don’t get enough sleep, the repercussions are dire. Besides chronic fatigue, your brain function dips, your immune system stops functioning as well leading to increased risks of contracting illnesses like flu or colds. In some well publicized cases, it could potentially lead to premature death.
If you’re so busy that you couldn’t find time to sleep, I encourage you to deliberately schedule at least 6 hours of rest in your agenda. Trust me, just do it and feel the difference.
2. Exercise
You know this is coming up. We’ve been talking about how important exercise is to help relieve stress. If running or aerobic exercises are not for you. Try some light walking or perhaps join a yoga class. Step out of your comfort zone and explore some forms of physical activity that you like. Maybe, try taking the stairs instead of the lift. Or, you could just go for extended shopping trips around shopping malls (this is not to be confused with spending money! I’m just suggesting to take walks around the shopping malls!). You could even park your car away from the escalator and take a short walk.
Don’t neglect this, take small steps towards a healthier lifestyle.
3. Eat Right
This is another important component that goes alongside with exercise. Feed your body with the right foods and get the right nutrients you need to keep going. You need all the energy you need to get through a busy work day. Treat your body right and it will go further for you.
4. Take deeper breaths
When you’re stressed or in a state of panic, your breathing is much faster and shallower. Break that cycle. Remind yourself to take deep breaths. The inflow of air to your lungs will enable more oxygen to reach your brain, so that it could focus better at the task at hand. Breathe deep and if you have essential oils with you, choose one that is soothing like lavender or ylang ylang. Place a drop or two on your palms, rub them together and cup them over your nose when you inhale.
5. Talk to someone
I guess this may work differently for different people but my children apply this majority of the time. Having a conversation with a friend, family or loved one helps give that emotional support which many find comforting. It also clears your head and gives you a brief break from the stress you’re facing. Have some human interaction, say your piece then maintain your peace. Maybe after that conversation, some issues may have miraculously been solved and stress factor removed. 🙂
Hope the above is insightful. Let me know if it helps!


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